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Sudoku Books

The Sudoku Book 2

Author: Sam Griffiths-Jones

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Sudoku:   101 Sudoku puzzles
ISBN:   189759769X
Publisher:   Harriman House Publishing
Published:   5th September 2005


Have you been bitten by the Sudoku bug? Do you consider yourself a Sudoku guru? Perhaps you have been completing a daily puzzle in your newspaper, or downloading them from the Daily Sudoku website. Do you feel that many of these puzzles are too easy? Are you looking for something more challenging? Then this book is for you! The book contains 101 advanced puzzles, arranged in order of increasing difficulty: 10 warm up puzzles to get you started, followed by 50 tough, and 41 devilish puzzles. In each case you can test yourself against the new Target Times! The puzzles towards the end of the book approach the limit of difficulty for the standard 9 by 9 Sudoku puzzle, while maintaining the rule that every puzzle has a single solution that can be attained using only forward logic - that is, you should never have to employ trial and error tactics to determine the next move.

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