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Sudoku generating: 15 daily
Sudoku solving: 45 daily
Killer Sudoku generating: 5 daily
Killer Sudoku solving: 15 daily
Super Sudoku generating: 6 daily (1 very hard)
Super Sudoku solving: 15 daily
Samurai generating: 5 daily (1 very hard)
Samurai solving: 15 daily
Godoku solving: 45 daily
Sudoku ratings: all difficulties
Super Sudoku ratings: all difficulties
Samurai/Killer ratings: all difficulties
Sudoku printing: unrestricted
Sudoku to email: unrestricted
Sudoku import/export: unrestricted
Popular solved puzzles: unrestricted
Daily Sudoku: 1 month history
Symmetry selection: full control over symmetry
Members' puzzle book: 500 exclusive puzzles
Newsletter subscription: optional
Syndication: on request